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Fluent Dance

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English through performing arts

Hybrid performing arts-language courses.


Learners gain fluency in English through dancing, singing and acting.

Incorporating the four core linguistic skills:

speaking, listening, reading and writing. 

Creative activities provide innovative ways to learn grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation, speech dynamics, sentence stress and conversational rhythm. 


skills for life

Fluent Dance's core belief is that effective communication and performance skills enhance numerous aspects in life: 

- creativity

- self-expression

- confidence

- problem-solving

- cultural understanding


accessible to all

For age 4 - 16 years.

Open to all abilities and nationalities, regardless of mother tongue.


Courses available for:

- individuals

- theatre schools

- language schools

- educational institutes.

Led by fully certified dance-language facilitators with extensive professional experience in both the entertainment industry and foreign language acquisition.


engaging content

The Performing Arts provide a holistic learning approach to language, exploring and creating connections between our minds, bodies, and with one another.

Performers and language learners share common obstacles in how to successfully  convey meaning, deal with new language, and understand personal inhibitions and habits. 

What is covered:

Choreography, ensemble group singing, partner work, lyrics study, script analysis, sight-reading, duologues, accent neutralisation, role play, improvisation, public speaking, performance psychology, music theory, history of theatre, anatomy, creative scene writing, vocal technique, cultural studies and world dance styles.


in studio & online

Our engaging and interactive method has been tried and tested around the world on many different mother tongues.

Courses available online and face-to-face in studio  (*subject to Covid 19 restrictions)

Online courses allow for interaction with classmates from around the world, with the shared goal of becoming fluent. 


keep up-to-date

Sign up to hear about the latest online courses available in your time zone.


Face-to-face studio courses returning soon.

International projects at various periods throughout the year and will recommence when travel restrictions allow.


To dance is to live. What I want is a ‘School of Life’;

for man’s greatest riches are in his soul,

in his imagination.

Isadora Duncan

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