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Ways to learn 

Our courses cater for a number of learning environments

Choose what best decribes you ...

Engaging group courses in-studio or online, according to age and level of English.

All courses incorporate elements of the four core linguistic skills -

reading, listening, speaking and writing. 

Our online courses allow you to interact with classmates from around the world. Form friendships while dancing, singing, acting and learning English together!

An opportunity to share and discover different cultural styles.

Bespoke private tuition available upon request.

Keep an eye out for upcoming online courses in your time-zone. 

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Theatre Schools

Being able to confidently speak a foreign language opens up many opportunities for an international performing career.


Rehearsal studios and theatres are now workspaces made up of multinational company members and creatives.

Being bi- or multi-lingual is not just a bonus, it has replaced the 'triple threat' to be the 'quadruple threat'.


Our theatre masterclasses with English-speaking professionals from London's West End will not only train your performance technique, they will also train your ear and the all-important ability to quickly and precisely follow direction in the studio. 

Discover how language learning can aid your students artistic endeavours.

Language Schools

Complement activities at your language school with the inclusion of theatre arts.


Dance and music actively improve memory, subsequently aiding ease of language acquisition.

Learners thrive in the openness of a studio with activities providing variety, innovation, and freedom to develop skills in spontaneous communication.


Spontaneity, in turn, reduces inhibitions with learners more inclined to try communicating in a foreign language. 


Our bespoke group courses can cover topics or grammar points that would benefit from extra creative interaction.

Let us know your specific needs.

Chalkboard with Different Languages
Educational Institutes

We all uniquely absorb and process information through several learning styles.

Some learn best when educational activities are connected to movement and rhythm. Kinaesthetic learning is highly interactive and enjoyable.


Movement and music stimulate visual thinking and perception within the often-neglected right brain which can prove highly effective compared to a traditional classroom setting.


Encouraging creative thinking and problem-solving not only develops confidence and a positive attitude, it directly enhances other academic educational activities.

Incorporate Fluent Dance into your curriculum. 

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Choose a level

I'm new!

How do I start?

My vocabulary is good


I can hold a conversation


I'm not very confident

with grammar

I am almost fluent


need to perfect small errors 


would benefit from

challenging content

& extended conversation

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